Curriculum Provision Overview

An overview of curriculum provision


The school’s curriculum provision is driven by:

  • statutory requirements;
  • the school’s vision statement:- ‘Maximising opportunities, Enriching lives’;
  • the school’s mission statement:- ‘Enjoy, learn and achieve’.


The mission statement of ‘Enjoy, learn and achieve’ is a moral belief and aspiration that:

“every student, every day, will enjoy their day in school,

learn as much as they can and achieve as much as they are capable of”


This mission statement is underpinned by a core belief, strongly held by the school community that:

the process of education is as important as the product (outcomes)

of that education.

As a school community we believe every moment in the school day is an opportunity for active learning, whether this is during structured lesson time, break and lunch times, the transfer time between lessons or the beginning and end of the day.

Our curriculum is designed to be engaging and challenging, promote curiosity and a love of learning. We want our students to become positive, confident and resilient learners who have a sense of curiosity, an understanding of the importance of application and respect themselves and others.


Core curriculum structure:

The curriculum is based on a standard mainstream secondary model of education which broadly follows the National Curriculum. It is however, carefully adapted to suit the needs of individual students. Students move around the building to different classrooms to be taught by specialist subject teachers.

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