General Resources

Education City is software which the school subscribes to which has activities beneficial for all of our students.
Information has been sent home with all young people with instructions and log on details so that Education City can be accessed from home.
As well as this, young people may enjoy using these other educational resources from home.


This website is for parents and teachers. It contains many resources that we often use in our classrooms for our more able students. There are clear guides and advice for parents too and creating an account is free.

There is a dedicated section for parents with suggested activities for home and some excellent free games that you do not need an account for.


Poisson Rouge (Red Fish)

This website provides very nice visual and auditory stimulation which will engage our students that need sensory engagement. There is a free trial for 24 hours which requires registration.


Teacher’s Pet

Similar to Twinkl, this website provides resources that some teachers may use in their classroom. Many of these are appropriate for some of our students. You will need access to a printer to create these materials.


Spelling Shed

This site provides activities and guidance for teachers and parents with the aim of developing early reading skills. The website offers a 14 day free trial or an app is available for your phone or tablet for £2.99

This interactive website with games to support safety in the home


Cool Maths Games

This site is very popular with many of our students. Arcade games, puzzles, logic and strategy games can be found here, all with a link to our maths curriculum


This site is an online shop that sells resources to schools.

At the moment they also provide two activity packs that can be downloaded free of charge (100+ pages), giving suggestions of things to do at home. These downloads are currently free.



This website provides a varied array for number puzzles and activities. It offers a four week free trial for your desktop computer or there is a free app for your phone or tablet



This app can be used when you are able to get out and about. It uses a devices camera, gps and data to photograph and identify plants, animals and insects. This information is linked into a global network which can be used to track population numbers and densities.



This free site contains plenty of videos and games and includes activities for art, history and geography as well as maths, English and science


British Red Cross

This site contains free videos to support first aid and how to treat common household injuries


BBC Just a few drinks

Aimed at our more able key stage 4 and 5 pupils, this site contains educational videos about young people and their negative experiences with alcohol


Bouncy Balls

This site is useful for pupils interested in sound. The balls bounce when you make a noise, this can be useful to encourage young people to try vocalising. 

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