Home Learning

Dear Parent/Carers,

This is an update on the educational resources we will be providing whilst your child is at home.

Staff have carefully prepared activities and resources based around curriculum ‘themes’. These themes incorporate several activities which cover many of aspects of the curriculum; Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Art etc.

All our learners are unique but we have created activities and resources for three broad bands of learners. Please select the activities/resources you feel are appropriate for your child and what interests them. You are free to choose which resources to use but ultimately have fun and enjoy learning with your child.  We have tried to make the activities fun and practical, using resources generally found in the home.

There are general resources for most learners, sensory resources and some which add a bit of a stretch/challenge. Staff have planned several activities which will keep your child busy for several days. Information will be given explaining how to do the activities and when to use a link to a website/video/pictures etc. Some of the resources which are available are from a website called ‘Twinkl’. Usually there is a subscription charge to use this website however they are currently offering free subscriptions for parents during this global pandemic.

We will add to the themes on a weekly basis so please keep checking our website for updates. There will be links to online resources.

As well as the themed activities we also have weekly timetables of suggested Thrive activities which your young person would usually enjoy in school.

There is no set time to spend on any activity but be led by your child.

Have fun and you can add in some physical activity too!

T. 0191 2952280
E. admin@scp.newcastle.sch.uk