Keeping Active

The PE department have produced two documents which will be getting sent home with your young person. These can be used to 'plan your own fitness circuit' and a 'home fitness workout' guide. If students are off they may find these activities useful in keeping active.
The following YouTube links may also be beneficial to encourage physical movement at home. - Nursery rhymes and songs with movement and activities. - 'Little Sports'. More fitness based but still fun and aimed at children. - 'Cosmic Kids' introduces young people to Yoga and mindfulness, demonstrating stretches in a fun way to music. - The 'Bumble Bee Physio' Facebook page is offering an alternative to the Joe Wicks workout for differently abled people. - From Monday to Friday at 9am, The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) will be holding live free PE lessons which can be accessed through his YouTube channel. - A range of workouts such as dance and boxing workouts as well as other short no equipment routines. - 'Kidz Bop' has dancing and movement to music, with some live dances that you can join in with each day.

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