Sensory Activities

For students that require a sensory based activity, online materials may be harder to find. Family activities to do at home can include sensory stories, water play, cookery, ball pool play and crafts.

Sensory activities to try at home:

Sensory trays:  These are trays that could be filled with sand, rice crispies, pasta dried or cooked, flour or jelly. Objects could be buried within the trays for the person to find.

Water play:  Using a washing up bowl, mixing bowls, jugs and sieves for water play activities. Also use of washing up liquids or bubble baths to mix into the water will create bubbles and also a nice scent for the person.

Sand play:  Having a tray of sand: the person can draw into the sand find objects hidden within the sand bury their hands in the sand, make the sand wet and mould it, build sandcastles.

Shaving foam activities:  Using shaving foam in a tray - hiding objects for the person to find. Shaving foam in a food bag – seal it well and allow the person to explore the bag with their hands.

Painting activities:  Any paint activity is good fun but can be messy. You can use a plastic food bag with paint inside, seal it well and then the young person can mix the colours with their hands without getting messy. Paint in a tray use hands to mix paint colours, sand can be added to the paint for a different texture. Mixing cooked pasta into the paint for a new texture.

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