About Us

The school provides a secondary model of education within a supportive and well-planned organisational structure. Put simply, this means that students are allocated a pastoral/form base, but move around the school with adult support as necessary, to different classrooms to be taught by specialist subject teachers. Students, especially those with more complex needs, also access personalised learning programmes which are carefully designed to meet their individual needs. These personalised learning programmes include for example, hydrotherapy sessions in the school’s swimming pool, rebound therapy and sensory integration programmes. We believe this model is very effective in building on student’s primary school experiences, supports their on-going development and prepares them well for their future lives.

Sir Charles Parsons is a foundation special school within a charitable trust (The Newcastle Special Schools Trust). The Trust partnership is currently comprised of four foundation special schools within the city of Newcastle, with Newcastle City Council being the fifth partner. The other three schools within the partnership Trust are Hadrian School, Newcastle Bridges School and Thomas Bewick School. More information about the Trust can be found by clicking on the Trust heading on the home page.


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