Behaviours for Life & Learning


The curriculum offered at Sir Charles Parsons School follows a secondary model and is linked to the appropriate stages of the National Curriculum. It is also adapted and personalised to meet the needs of individuals.

The curriculum offers opportunities for students to make gains in knowledge and progress within discrete ‘subjects’. However, as a provider of education we recognise the importance and value of providing students with the necessary skills to enable them to be better prepared in life within and beyond school.

The curriculum offered and delivered at Sir Charles Parsons School is therefore underpinned by a set of skills, attributes and attitudes which we call ‘behaviours for learning and life.’ As a school we have identified the key skills, attributes and attitudes we think are important for our students to develop.

The skills, attributes and attitudes promoted and developed across the school are based around three areas named ‘My thinking’, ‘My learning’ and ‘Myself’.


There is a rationale for each area:

My Thinking

Students will have a sense of curiosity and wonder in their learning and the world around them. They will be able to think creatively, both as individuals and in co-operation with others. They will have the confidence and curiosity to explore and generate ideas. They will seek to find solutions to problems, both as individuals and in partnership with others in an imaginative way. They recognise their own successes and value those of others.



Students have a sense of pride, in themselves, others and the world around them. They have confidence in their own abilities, are resilient and take responsibility their actions. They are able to build and maintain relationships and manage their own emotions. They are able to work co-operatively and collaboratively with others, show fairness and a consideration of others.


My Learning:

Students take responsibility for or contribute to their own goals. They are able to organise their time and resources. They are motivated to reach their goals and show persistence in achieving these. They demonstrate curiosity and application in all aspects of their learning. Students recognise and manage their own emotions. They use their imagination and work with others in creative ways. They understand the importance of feedback and deal with praise and criticism in a positive way.


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