Despite this being a new curriculum, the school has put in place systems to measure the impact of the careers programme on all learners.

The school is using the ‘Compass Evaluation Tool’ to assess on going progress in relation to the eight ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’.

The school is also developing a strategic careers plan to track progress in relation to this year’s priorities and the eight ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’.

In addition to this the school undertakes the following steps to ensure the programme continues to deliver relevant and bespoke learning experiences, linked to careers, for the student:

  • Review of the learning outcomes of all curriculum areas with a focus on careers
  • Review careers delivery across the whole school to ensure a consistent approach across pathways
  • Collate evidence from both staff and students (for example, through observations, student voice, parents, etc.) to ensure that proposed outcomes are being met
  • Obtain feedback from staff, students, parents and carers, and employers to be able to make improvements as necessary to ensure best quality careers provision for the young people

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